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Tips for Finding a Good Camping Location

While you may have everything planned out for your camping trip, ensuring you get the best spot is equally important. It starts by gathering the simple steps that ensure you have a great night under the stars. Here are some helpful tips for finding a good camping site:

  1. Ensure the ground is flat

When pitching a tent, ensure the ground it rests on is flat. There’s a very good chance you’ll lose sleep if it’s on sloped ground.

  1. Choose a site without sneaky tree roots or rocks

Your tent floor should be on a surface without tree roots or rocks. If you notice these, ask your camping guide to choose a different place.

  1. Find a shade

There’s a high chance the scorching sun will make you uncomfortable, particularly if you choose the summer for your camping trip. In this case, choose a spot with sturdy trees to provide shade and prevent the insides of the tent from turning into an oven.

  1. Watch out for overhanging branches

On matters of sturdy trees, the last thing you need is a low-hanging branch that could obstruct the roof of your tent. Additionally, low-hanging branches might fall over your tent’s roof when you least expect them. So, if there are any, cut them off or find somewhere else to pitch your tent.

  1. Avoid pitching near water supply

Being an ardent camper means you value nature and would do anything to protect. So, if it means pitching your tent 500 meters away from a waterbody, go for it.

Choosing the worst camping location can make you wish you never went camping in the first place. These tips might seem simple, but they are quite practical. As you plan your trip, make sure you research about your camping site before packing your bags.